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  • Where can I find your catalog?
    You may view a digital copy of our catalog by clicking HERE, or you may view our catalog at our many lighting retailers. You can also request a catalog to be mailed to you through the contact page.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    Our products are sold by lighting retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Please give us a call at 601-444-4966 or 877-448-4966 to find the retailer closest to you.
  • Will my copper light(s) change color?
    One of the unique aspects of copper is its natural ability to patina and age over time. The patina is a “living finish” with many different characteristics and hues. The rate and appearance of the patina depends on many factors such as heat, humidity, and environment, but no two lanterns patina the same way. The patina that develops on the surface of the copper is a natural process of protection, and it is what gives copper its unique rustic design.
  • Will my lanterns rust?
    Copper is a non-ferrous metal that does not contain iron, so it won’t turn into rust when exposed to oxygen. Instead, it forms a protective layer, or patina, and this serves as a shield against the elements, preserving the unspoiled copper inside and makes it ideal for lighting, especially exterior and coastal settings. Steel, known for its strength, is used for some of our brackets and chandeliers. All steel parts are cleaned with an industrial strength cleaner and primed with a Zinc primer prior to applying the powder coat color/finish.
  • What is recommended for coastal living?
    If you live in a coastal area, copper and stainless steel are recommended due to their ability to withstand the salt-water environment. Additionally, we offer coastal application sockets and hardware for electric fixtures. Please be sure to mention this to your lighting retailer when ordering.
  • Do you offer powder coat finishes for your lights?
    Yes, we offer many stock powder coat finishes, many of which have a high UV rating for a long-lasting finish. You can view many of our finish options here.
  • Does my lantern have a shut-off valve?
    Yes, all our lanterns have a manual on/off valve located below the burner stem inside the lantern. Simply open the lantern door and turn the valve to the left to turn off and the right to light with a match or lighter.
  • Are the lanterns available in gas and electric?
    Yes, all lanterns can be gas or electric. Chain pendants and mini size lanterns are only available as electric lanterns. Both Natural Gas and Liquid Propane gas options are available. All electric lanterns have a multitude of options for sockets.
  • What is automatic ignition for gas lanterns?
    Automatic Ignition is optional and gives you the ability to turn your gas lantern on and off with the flip of a switch from inside your home. Lanterns with an Automatic Ignition can be controlled by a timer or dusk to dawn photocell. Gas lanterns come standard as manual light lanterns. The automatic ignition uses standard 120v line voltage, so no special wiring is required. Please be sure to let your lighting retailer know if you would like to add this feature to your lights.
  • Can my electric lantern be installed outdoors?
    Yes, all our electric lights can be installed outdoors, and are dry/damp rated for outdoor use. Although our chandeliers are suitable for outdoor use, we recommend that they be installed under a covered area to prevent direct weather to the light’s sockets.
  • Can I install my gas lanterns indoors?
    Yes, gas lanterns can be installed indoors, but require the use of an automatic ignition system. Speak with your retailer for additional information regarding indoor use of automatic ignition.
  • Are your gas lanterns certified?
    Most of St James Lighting’s gas lantern models are ETL certified. To find out which models are certified, please call St. James Lighting.
  • Are your electric lanterns certified?
    Yes, all of St. James Lighting electric lanterns and chandeliers are “UL” certified for indoor/outdoor use.
  • How do I light my lantern?
    All our gas lanterns come equipped with a manual on/off valve located below the burner stem inside of the lantern. To operate the valve, open the lanterns door, turn the valve counterclockwise to start the flow of gas and light with a match. To turn off the flow of gas, turn the valve clockwise.
  • How do I clean my lanterns?
    We recommend cleaning your lanterns 2-4 times a year to avoid any carbon buildup and debris. If you notice a low or uneven flame, this usually indicates that the lantern needs to be cleaned. You can find cleaning and general maintenance instructions at the bottom of our installation instructions page of our website or by clicking HERE.
  • Where can I find the lanterns dimensions?
    Line drawings with lantern specs for our standard models can be found on our website on each individual lantern page. The line drawings will be listed under the lantern information. For line drawings that are not listed, you may reach out to your local lighting retailer or St. James Lighting.
  • Can you make custom lights?
    Yes! St. James Lighting is well-known for our unmatched ability to handcraft custom lights to your specifications and design. To begin the process, please speak with your lighting retailer about custom lighting, or give us a call at 601-444-4966 or 877-448-4966 to find the retailer closest to you.
  • How do I become a lighting retailer for St. James Lighting?
    Thank you for your interest in making our products part of your lighting designs! To find out if we are accepting applications for new dealers in your area, please give us a call at 601-444-4966 or 877-448-4966 or email us at
  • Does my lantern have a warranty?
    Click HERE to view the warranty details.
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